September 30, 2009

Strange things are happening to me

Lauren and I walk to the grocery store almost every night to drop stuff in the mail box there. The other day as we were walking there was an elderly dog, all alone, at the corner, acting like it would walk out into the street. We walked over to it to see if we could read it's tag, and it in turn took a few steps back so that e couldn't reach it. Finally, Lauren said, "okay puppy, go home!" and the dog tucked it's tail and sulked away towards some houses. It looked back at one point, as if to see if we were still there, and Lauren called out, "Nuh-uh go home!" and the dog slipped between two houses. So we each took a door and knocked to see if they owned a dog, and let that person know that their dog was getting out. I heard Lauren talking to someone, at the other house as I knocked. Then I heard a dog barking, and I figured that the dog couldn't live there- they already have a territorial dog. That is, until the barking dog made it to the storm door, and it was the same dog we had sent home. No person ever came to the door, but I couldn't help laughing, it was the canine equivalent to making sure to answer the phone when the school called to say you missed class, when you had really skipped.
Also, I got this fortune:

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