September 21, 2009


So I am at one week. Looking back over the past seven days it seems so simple. To make myself seem a little crazy I'll tell you, that is exactly what my brain wants me to think.
I keep thinking, "I'm fine now, but if I could just have one more, for closure, this would be so much easier." It is like having someone you're REALLY into break up with you, and you keep telling yourself that you need to see them one more time and get the last word. Really, you just want to see them one more time, and you'd probably throw yourself in to traffic if you thought that would make it possible.
So what makes quitting easy is that I can get through those moments. I can rationalize. What is difficult about quitting is that I have about 100 of those a day now that I've ditched the gum.
Also? I think that it has made me a little crazy. I'm thinking of cigarettes in the same way I would an ex-lover.


Em said...

Haha, I'm sure I would think the same thing if I tried to give up something like that. Keep up the *awesome* job! Very proud of you!

Korey said...

You should switch to pot. You'll still be smoking, and things will be much funnier.

Ellie said...

I have had a lot of ex-boyfriends that made me a whole lot less happy than cigarettes make people (and I bet you have too), so to think of cigarettes with the same intensity is not exactly the crazy thing you might think it was.