April 15, 2009

Sorta Proud of Myself

 Today Casey and I walked to Mother's Cafe & Garden for lunch. One of my most favorite places in the whole wide world. They brought us our chips and salsa (because you get that sort of thing at almost any restaurant in Austin, maybe even all of Texas), and I decided on the Rueben, but I couldn't decide wether or not I could live without a garden patch salad. Casey and I decided to split one. When she brought our salad, our waitress asked if we would like more chips, and we decided we didn't need anymore, so she took it all away. The sandwich I ordered is open-faced and huge. I at most of one half of it, but gave a little to Casey, who then mentioned he wanted some of their vegan chocolate peanut butter pie. We ordered a slice of pie and a box for my sandwich when I realized I had eaten totally responsibly the whole time, without thinking about it. I knew exactly what I wanted to eat, and only ate as much as I wanted. Woohoo! Then we walked home through the neighborhood instead of going up 45th, and I wished I could spend every day like this.

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