April 12, 2009

Plants that haven't died yet:


The wild onion growing in the yard.

Sweet 100 tomato

Tomato Flowers
About 300 times more successful than last year - not only are the tomato plants growing, but they are flowering!

Bell Pepper
This is a bell pepper plant from last year that made it through winter. I've already had three peppers of of it, and it's only April!

 Is that Broccoli growing on my broccoli?!

Winter Squash
This is some sort of winter squash - probably Acorn squash. If it isn't, then it is Honey Delicata. I planted both.

What are these again? Pansies?
Pansies that I got from my friend Tracy when she moved from a house into an apartment. Seems that they like neglect.

Snap Dragon
Snap Dragon that made it through the winter to continue putting off very pretty blooms. I had a yellow and pink theme last year. The following plant is also from last Spring:

When I moved in with Casey it was down to one leaf. I set it in the back yard and only watered it when I noticed it. It too likes the neglect, apparently, and cold weather. It didn't get to come inside this winter.

Japanese Maple
Casey's mom gave us a Japanese Maple. I am happy it isn't dead yet. It has really beautiful foliage.

Now, Can you help ID these?
Do you know what this is?
It grows like crazy in the yard, but at Breed & co. they charge $7.00 a plant.

Do you know what this is?
This might be Pomegranate. What do you think?

I just feel bad for this guy, he was dumped in a neighbor's yard.

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