April 9, 2009

Book Ideas

 Some day I will write this book: 

 How Much Is Too Much? An Account of Death and Dying Amongst Houseplants (specifically, my own)

 I also feel like posting an ad on Craigslist to see if I can find more people who have lived at our current address. Yesterday I found the last tenant via Google. I am sending him a piece of mail that looked important. He shared some house lore with me. Even though we woke up to what I think are carpenter ants in our coffee maker this morning (they made a home in there in a very short amount of time), I love this dilapidated abode. I will be sad to leave, whenever we do. I think I'd like to collect stories from previous occupants of our house and put them in a book, since I think it will be torn down once we leave. It needs to have a legacy.


Ted Tullos said...

You are funny girl :-)


Lauren said...

Great title.