March 4, 2009

Why, Hello There!

 I've kind of slacked off lately, sorry about that. For some reason I just can't find time or motivation to sit down and write most days. Today is different, I have lots on my mind.

 Faux Pas is lame [(lām) adjective - crippled; disabled; esp. having an injured leg or foot that makes one limp].  It isn't anything really sudden, it is something that has been progressing since before I bought him. Only, every time before it was always a short term thing. For the last three months I've been trying to find a way to make him feel better. He is on supplements for arthritis, and an anti-inflammatory that is considered a safe alternative to bute . I tried telling myself that it was just the cold weather. Then I told myself that he needs to be worked more often; regular blood flow will improve and maintain mobility. So far I have not seen the results I had hoped for. He has improved some, just not enough for me to put in a decent ride. He is fine going left, just when we go right he is stiff, and occasionally he limps through a corner (at which point I stop our work). I am thinking of having x-rays done again when the vet comes out again just to figure out what else I might be able to do. I'm not ready to stop riding, but I can't afford to board my horse and take lessons. This is one of the reasons I bought Annie. I didn't want to have to face this. I still don't.  Last month I bought a new riding helmet, and now I am wondering if I should just return it. I'm not giving up on finding a way to help him, but I am very bummed.
 Last Monday, Casey was fired. It's not like we're totally destitute (though earlier tonight I thought it would be hilarious to have a party where each attendant had to bring a non-perishable food item), but it is also a little depressing. He's looking for something he likes right now, next week begins the "anything but food service" week. After that? I don't know. Hopefully there is no "after that."
 I've lost 10 lbs. It isn't enough, but it is a start. 
 Tonight I start a new prescription called xyrem. I'm a little bit terrified! I'm sure it won't be half as bad as I'm currently fearing, but I am hoping Casey will be home before I take it. Only two complaints so far - I can't drink with in 4 hours of taking it. I really wanted a beer tonight when we got back from the store. Also, I have to wait two hours after eating. I have to start making dinner earlier!

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