March 18, 2009

 Today I got things done. Not anything INSIDE the house, but out. I did some more planting, picked up around the yard (the previous tenants were apparently big drinkers who liked to break their bottles in the yard afterward). I am hoping that we will be able to build a a fence around our yard soon so that Emma can run around leash-free. If we make that happen I don't want her to cut up her feet on broken glass.

 Casey had a phone interview the other day, and now he is on "phase two," putting together examples for them, based on their prompts. I'm hoping that this works out for him. He can totally do this, they just have to see that.
 As soon as our garden starts to look good, I'll get Casey to take some pictures, because, if anyone knows me, I won't ever charge my camera again.
 In the mean time, I'll try and think of a theme to write about, you should take a look at Casey's Flickr photostream if you haven't in a while.

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