January 24, 2009

Last night we managed to *find* a bunch of 2 ft tall letters that spell out "panish trail 420" and though it was very exciting when we made the find, I am now wondering what the hell I will do with all of them. I'm thinking random alphabetical birthday gifts.
Today we ate at Polvos, where I had Huevos Motulenos (which I hope to post a picture of later) - Eggs with fried bananas! It was very good. Afterwards, we went to Home Depot where I picked up some new Dremel bits to use for glass etching, and optimistically bought some seeds for the garden.
I carved out a path in our "spare" room so that I could get to my iMac. Which has long been neglected. Hopefully Casey and I'll go to IKEA soon and get an EXPEDIT shelf for said room to help get rid of the very bulky and now so effective stuff that is currently here. Hopefully I remedy this soon, or I may explode. I want to be able to sit down in this room and watch TV while Casey is playing video games. There is a lot I want. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to pull it all off. If I do? Who knows, maybe we would decide that this house isn't so bad for another year (but I doubt it, despite all of it's charm).
Right now, Casey is hungry, so we're going to go get some food!

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Sara T. said...

Can I have the "ST" pretty pretty PLEASE?