September 24, 2008

Riding, Fatness, Friends

 Tonight I realized that I am off balance when I ride. My saddle encourages me to sit inappropriately so that I lean forward slightly, and my center of balance is essentially behind me. A friend of mine encouraged me to lengthen my stirrups a little, and it helped to bring my legs beneath me, and made me sit ON my sit bones, like I should. More than anything, I need a new saddle. I bought my saddle well used when I was twelve. There are holes on the flaps that I can stick my fingers through. I am looking for a decent used saddle starting now. Also, I'd like a new helmet with a slim profile, please.

I keep gaining weight, so much that I am beginning to look a little pregnant, though I am sure that I am not. Hopefully, having reduced the stress in my life will make losing weight easier. Plus, the building at work is HUGE. I have to get there ten minutes early to walk from the front door to the room I have training in, on time. No joke. I also filled out my paperwork to join the gym, and there are people there to show me what to do, so I have no excuse.
I'm a little blue when it comes to friends. I was thinking I needed to call one tonight while I was on my way home from the farm tonight, only to find an e-mail from him when I got home saying he'd moved to Denver.  Others are moving, some have made a string of horrible life-altering decisions, that are now turning out the way I was afraid they would, only much earlier than I'd thought. At least Lauren is still here, and Sam is getting married soon, so there is some happiness on the horizon.
I am desperately seeking a real topic to write about. I've yet to find one that even interests me, let alone anyone who is going to stop by the blog and read it. Apologies all around.


Ellie said...

I stop by daily! If you feel like it you and Casey and Emma are welcome any time, assuming we're home.

Anonymous said...

I read it