August 27, 2008

Thank God! We are finally done getting things out of the apartment. It is clean, and she moves in tomorrow. I am so tired that I'll have trouble getting out of this chair here in a second, when it is time for me to get into bed.

The house is beyond chaotic. There is a path from the front door to the back, and to our room. I knew that I had lots of stuff, but I had no idea that it was THIS much. The coming three day weekend is a blessing. Hopefully I'll make some progress at unpacking and figuring out how to make room where there is none. Our first task is to be rid of Casey's bed, which will double the amount of space we currently have.
Good thing: we have one of the coolest neighborhood cats ever, Ambrosious, who is as sweet as a cat from a cat food commercial. So affectionate you'd think it were actually a dog.
I'm off to bed.

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Ellie said...

Clearly some serious catching up needs to go on. I am back from Canada, and thirty. You have a new job and are moving in! Hooray! I will call you tonight.