July 2, 2008

Why I am not posting so much: (for a summary of this post skip to the last line)

At the beginning of June I arranged a half-lease for Faux Pas. Ironically, this always gets me riding more, even though someone else has half of the week to ride. Especially now at the beginning, I like to see how Faux and the woman leasing him work together, and I like to be there to help her problem solve when he gives her trouble. Since neither she nor I are in great shape we usually each ride a little on her days. Most often, she goes first, and I ride after her working on any issues she had, or any thing I need to focus on. It works well, and I have seen improvement in him. It is also GREAT to have someone on the ground who can tell me where I need improvement, or if I am on the correct lead. Over the last month I have ridden 3-4 times a week, and it eats up a lot of time.
Then there are movies. Ah, movies. As they've come out we've seen Iron Man, Speed Racer, Indiana Jones, The Fall, and WallE. We've also rented some movies, that are now way over-due (note to self for lunch break!) I suppose I could tell you what I think of all of those movies, but it would be quite a long post. Must sees are: The Fall, Iron Man, and WallE. My crush on Lee Pace grew exponentially after seeing The Fall. I love a guy who can pull of eyeliner and SO MUCH MORE! It is very very pretty. WallE is visually amazing as well. The reflections are beautiful, and it is pretty incredible how they portray robot emotion.
Then there was the party and birthday stuff. And I am still working on Lauren's gift. Hopefully I'll be able to give it to her this week.
So that's why I haven't been updating much. I am busy with boring stuff.

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