July 10, 2008

So, I got this email from my dad:

How are you doing honey? Don't hear from you much these days :-( and you don't update your blog as much as you use to :-)

Yesterday, to my dismay, I discovered evidence of squash vine borer on one of our
 pumpkin vines. I also found a rat skull, picked clean, which I imagine came with one of the loads of manure we got out at the farm. The thought of the borer munching on my plant, while I was at work and powerless, bothered me. Late last night, after we returned from seeing our friends, Joe's Rocket Shoppe, play at Red Eyed Fly, I walked out the the garden with a razor and a flash light and did some experimental pumpkin surgery. I slit the vine just past the damaged part and tried to peer into the vine - flashlight in mouth. Then, suddenly, the little disgusting guy inched right out for me. I called Casey over (more excitedly than any one person should when it comes to larvae) and he said, "Well, get it!" So, I flung him out of the vine and dashed him to larvae bits. Today, the vine lives! I think I may have been successful. 

Last weekend, Casey and I had an incredible Saturday with our friend Michael-Paul. We went to The Museum of Ephemerata, which is tucked away in East Austin, three rooms of the couple's house. Quite quirky, but it was very fun, and they have a very nice cat who acted as greeter. Then we went and had pies at Boomerang's, and THEN we went to campus and played. I did a little tour guide magic and pointed out important things, like Umlauf sculptures on campus and that yellow installation piece by the Blanton. I also acted as look-out while the guys climbed through a locked gate to take pictures. After that we went to the store and got food and inexpensive (not cheap) wine. We tried to play Yahtzee, but Michael-Paul wasn't doing so hot when it came to writing down his score, so we gave up. The weather outside was so nice at 2 am when I took out Emma for the last time that all I wanted to do was DO SOMETHING like I might have in high school or when I lived with Lauren. Instead, I gave up and went to bed, though I think Michael-Paul would've been game. Casey and I had so much fun that we had to spend most of Sunday recovering. For some photo-documentation of this glorious day, check out Casey's Flickr. He just got a new lens, so it isn't the MOST RECENT upload, but if you check soon it'll be part of the first few pages. There are some pretty unattractive photos of me in the most recent stuff, and some good ones - go see, so see!
 As always, work is less than stellar, though the messiest part of the office is being cleaned by force. My boss has been trying to get this one person to let someone help her with filing and straightening for a month now. Since she refused, she is now being taken down by force. I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to having a clean office. Since I moved to my current cube I have thought it would be so much easier to get work done, and think straight, if there wasn't so much LITERAL clutter. Now all of my workplace dreams (at least the ones that don't include praise and money) are coming true.

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