June 14, 2008

 It is hot. The heat is sucking the life out of everything. Our green beans are all but dead, bless their parched little roots. I'm starting the garden earlier next year, for sure.

 Lauren gave me a bottle of Veuve Clicquot for my birthday yesterday, and I drank it at a party at the pool last night. After a late-ish lunch I forgot to eat dinner, and was very, very, sorry for it. Especially when I thought it would be a good idea to have a glass of wine. I now know that it was not a good idea. Plus, I think I feel asleep on the toilet. If I didn't, I was about to doze when I realized what a bad idea the wine had been.
 So, after I consumed an appropriate amount of sugar and liquids this morning, I decided to sweat the alcohol out. Lucky me, this is very easy to do today. I am sitting perfectly still in the shade and I am soaked with sweat. I did some real work, earlier, in the garden. I am thinking longingly about getting into the pool, or taking a cool shower, but I have to walk back to my apartment, first. After that I am going to eat something delicious and nourishing and retire to the house where I am house-sitting to do some laundry and watch cable TV. I may go out to the farm later to meet with my new (and FABULOUS) half-lessee, Julie, but with temps like this I hope she puts it off until tomorrow.
 If you need to find me, just look for the trail of sweat.

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Ellie said...

WHEN was it your birthday? Happy! I owe you a drink and I have a card for you.