April 11, 2008

Vomiting uninteresting tidbits of fact and opinion.

Google Analytics is simply NOT working for me. This is aggravating because I like to see who is seeing me. I think that is obvious and human. I especially like to know when exes are reading, or when Casey's exes are reading. Or that one person who picked on me for my emotional, and extremely valid, reaction to a movie - remember that? That was fun. Plus, I want to know what search phrases people are using, blah, blah, blah. I am really tired of trying to tweak it. It should just work like it used to.

Also, I divulged my blog address to an old friend the other night, and though I am not sure the address will be remembered, it just reminds me that I need to keep in mind that this is not anonymous. I sometimes wish I could have a completely secret blog to just get some shit off of my chest, but that would be too much work and there would be no one who wanted to read it. God, it would be so nice to be able to air out some of my thoughts and opinions without having to worry about who read them, who was hurt, or offended. Part of writing about it is to have people read it though, right? Somehow I'd get busted. Just like no matter where I hid my journal as a kid, my sister always found and read it. Someone will figure it out because I'll slip up and use real names or tell a story that they are part of. Then I'll be Dooced but with friends or family.

How many times have I repeated the same idea? I feel like Father Kevin. English was not his first language, and he would reword the same idea six or seven times in the homily, to try and make people understand. I guess he was never told that the blank looks weren't because we didn't understand.

I just finished Chekov's "The Black Monk," that has an incredible line that I think I will quote for the rest of my life: "Congratulate me - I think I'm out of my mind!" The primary character feels that his father-in-law should be applauding him because he has reached genius, and with it comes this insanity that is joyous and euphoric, and has him talking to a monk who doesn't really exist.

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