April 23, 2008


 Some cat has used the part of the flower bed I just finished as a litter box twice today. I dusted with cayenne pepper just now. That cat better cut it out! I haven't spent 6 hours out there on my hands and knees to make his waste management plan more convenient. I bet I even know which one it is. If he isn't careful I'll sic Emma on him, no joke.


Ellie said...

Welcome to my fucking world. I have, um, it's sort of gross, but, well, coyote urine granules? They scare beasties off of your garden. If you're not planning on eating your flowers, you could have some.

Lauren said...

Katie says coffee grounds worked for her. Something tells me it is that gray and white one always sitting in the driveway across the street.

Sometimes Blogger makes their word verification too hard for me.