March 10, 2008

Not all things are bad. Not having a radio sucks - again - but at least the person didn't break a window to get it out. And though they messed up one of my locks, it wasn't the driver-side lock, so I guess it could be worse.
I did have lots of fun with the fam + friends. Our friends David and Nicole brought their two kids, Luc and Anneka, the latter of which is only 2 months old and a dream-baby who almost never cries and is always happy to just sit and kick her legs and take in as much of what is going on around her as she capable.
Highlights included:

- David catching a golf club while fishing.
- Learning that Luc calls his father "Spiderman" instead of "Dad."
- Hearing Luc yell, "SPIDERMAN!" at his father from across the back yard to get his attention.
- Todd 'Henry' and his antics/wisdom.
- Todd's cooking.
- Reminiscing about that time we ate duck eggs for breakfast.
- Singing with Sara T while she played guitar.
- Napping at 10 am, and having Casey make fun of me for it.
- Getting lost on the way home, and making our way back.

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