March 27, 2008


I had planned on napping on my lunch break, but I had another thing coming! Turns out, no matter how well behaved your dog is, leave your seedlings on a windowsill at her level too long, and she will eventually knock them down. I am not sure what was so exciting on the other side of the window, probably a cat, but hold crap did I have a mess when I came home today!
So I re-potted the little guys who might survive, and vacuumed the area, and then pulled out the attachment hose to get the rest. When I did I noticed a wad of dust and hair where I had just removed the hose. 'Funny...' I thought. When I was done I grabbed a small plastic bag and set it under the vacuum to grab what I was affectionately considering a "little clump" of dust and hair. A couple of on-and-off cycles later, I MAY have moved through most of it. There was about 2 dry cups worth of disgusting. No wonder my carpet never looks clean. When I get home I am going to have to repeat the exercise. Lauren has acquired a steam carpet cleaner, and I REALLY need to use it, but I'll have to vacuum like crazy first so that I don't f-up the machine.
After the replanting and vacuum adventure, I went to water my other plants, and pull off dead leaves and flowers. My Snap Dragon is all but dead, for no good reason except that maybe it isn't get quite as much sun as it would like, so I am trying to think of a place to put it to try and appease. We'll see. The rest are looking okay, my Marigolds are also pissed about the amount of shade in from of my door (though last year's didn't complain), and an old succulent-ish plant I've had for three years has gotten too tall for itself, and I'm not really sure what I want to do about it. My Daylillies have broken soil! and my herbs are looking good and are very ready for thinning. The only thing that didn't work AT ALL was spearmint from seed. Nothing ever happened, and I planted the whole packet. I'll just have to go buy a young mint plant, or cut some off of Dad's and start it at home. All I really have left is to fix the trellis at Casey's and plant those bean seedlings before Emma kills them all. Fingers crossed for this weekend! I wish I thought I could get part of it done tonight (like take down the rotting lattice-work) but I know I won't even get any of thing things needed at my own place done. I also need to scope out a good place for a tomato vine or two at his place, and get one started. Maybe if I give a little nudge we can get this plant thing we've been talking about underway!

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