March 1, 2008

1. Activities In The Last 12 Hours:

1. Watch people mock Back to the Future at Alamo Drafthouse with friends. Enjoyed pizza and beer.

2. Party at Ben's - thought I'd only stay an hour or so.
3. Sing.
4. Philosophize.
5. Publicly profess my undying love for Casey.
6. Smoke run!
7. Heart to heart w/ Bruh. 
8. Bruh and I are the only people left at the party, and those hippies can go all night!
9. Check the mail on the way in the gate - my first issue of Ready Made Magazine is here. Yay!
10. Over sleep.


Ellie said...

We saw Back to the Future too. It wasn't their best. But the movie itself was surprisingly good-- much better than I remember it being from watching it on rainy days in the Madrona Elementary gym back in 1985.

Madge said...

Ooooooh, I love ReadyMade. A lot.