February 7, 2008

I must say, I would love to wear lingerie from the Elle Macphereson Intimates line, but it is a little pricey despite her "affordable" claim. However, the website is INCREDIBLE, and unbearably sexy. Go and see it. http://www.ellemacphersonintimates.co.nz/


Anonymous said...

Even if I could afford it, I wouldn't look like that in that underwear. I just got my soul crushed buying jeans today-- went up from a size 8 last time I bought jeans, to a size 12 today. God fucking dammit. It was just a couple hours ago, so I'm still not over it.

Corley said...

I haven't been a nice size eight since my first semester back at UT when I walked constantly and had little time to stop and eat. The next semester I gained 15 lbs.

Then again, maybe it is just the jeans you're trying on?

Call me back!!!

Random Kar said...

I'm comfortable...I doubt that anyone who doesn't know me will find anything worthwhile in my blooging. :-)