December 19, 2007

Fun new pastime: being unable to sleep!

Well, I've been through it before, but not for a very long time. It kinda feels like my body is pulling some kind of prank on me. I hate it! This is the third night in a row. I am tired, but not the right kind of tired. It isn't very funny. It is the kind of prank that should be funny but accidentally makes someone cry - and then everyone feels bad.

I'm guessing especially me, come tomorrow morning. This will eventually catch up to me, I know. I'm going to give up and crawl into bed with Emma. I'll talk to her for a while and see if it helps, or if she has any suggestions. I just hope she doesn't say, "warm milk," again like she has the past couple of nights. She should know by now that I haven't had consumable milk in my fridge for over a month.

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Anonymous said...

Editing as requested: Pastime. I'm sorry you can't sleep.