December 16, 2007

85% Shameless Self-Promotion

I swear this was a request. Well, someone said that they wanted to hear "I Remember," they didn't say how. Tonight I went to Mark and Pam's house for a party, and Mark asked me to help him with some vocal tracks, so in return he recorded some stuff for me. I don't feel that I have the right to play his song, so here is some one-take, A Capella, playing around that I got to do. See if you can tell where I messed up on any given track - it's fun! (The song titles are links, and the volume varies from clip to clip.)

"I Remember," (Damien Rice) Only the female part.

"I Know," (Fiona Apple) It's close to correct.

"Paper Bag," (Fiona Apple) I am not the person snapping. So the rhythm slip is not my fault.

I also want to add a public apology to Matt Carlson, who will most likely never read this. Still, it is in order because I have made an asshole of myself around him more than any other person. My asshole rating has gone way down since I quit working with him back in May, but it is still bothering me. Sorry, Matt! I really think you are a cool guy, and I am trying harder to think before I speak these days!

Another reflection of mine this evening has made me feel that it is important to express how much I would appreciate a filter on my cell phone that keeps me from calling or texting anyone when I am drinking besides a cab, emergency numbers, and a few select people chosen while I am sober. This would also help bring down my asshole rating.


Sam said...

Corley! I love your voice so much! But I heard you screw up the lyrics more than a few times on "I'll Know"

Anonymous said...

You. Need. To. Do Something. With. That. Voice. Join a band, write songs, for God's sake, DO SOMETHING WITH IT.

Love, E

Corley said...

Sam- I know, but for massive drinking and one take I was pretty excited that for the most part all we did was take out a VERY long silence in which I was pacing the room squeezing my head between y hands mouthing "WHAT.THE.FUCK" because I'd forgotten the words.

Anonymous said...

1. You have such a gorgeous voice! "I Know" is a really hard song to sing a capella, so tons of admiration in your direction.

2. I found this video clip while doing my final for the voice class I took this semester. You may find it amusing, amazing, or anything in between.

3. The answer to your prayers.

Corley said...

Thanks, Em & E, for your praise. Em, that phone is the answer to my prayers, and that video sort of frightens me!