November 6, 2007

There's something wrong with the the world today...

At work, all sorts of stuff went wrong; not all of the problems were technical either. What was really fucked up? The one person who normally has a foul attitude was bright and sun-shiney while the rest of us couldn't get our heads out of the muck.

My A/C is broken again! Today is nice and cool, but yesterday it was in the 80s and I had no A/C. Last week they came to fix it because they noticed ice on some pipes, and now we are right back to blowing room-temp air in a hot and stuffy room. I think that maybe they should just replace it. 

I will never catch up at work. Ever.

I need to de-clutter in general.

I am so behind in everything. I think that if I could catch up on a couple of things my general outlook would be much better. I've been wanting to paint a self-portrait, because I never have, but I am so behind in laundry that I can't get to my art supplies in my closet. Oy vey! Ditto for the curtains I started making that now need to be ironed again before they can be pieced together. 

At least I am posting.


Anonymous said...

What YOU need is a drink with your friend Ellie.

Lauren said...

My air conditioning is broken too. We discovered it on the hot day. Hope it stays cool.