November 13, 2007

Oh man, I can be so emo (see previous post)!

It turns out I am good at gaining weight!

Blegh - I am just in a crappy mood. Please forgive me. I am tried and cranky, and I can't WAIT for next Thursday to get here so that I can have a day off.

I am also trying to rid myself of cola-lust. Iced Chai is good, but it isn't the same! At least it has enough caffeine to keep me from getting headaches. 

I am so hard-core longing for a nap right now. Emma and I could just snuggle up in bed in the sunshine (my bed is near a window) and get some beauty rest. Hopefully this will happen Sunday.

Back to work!

1 comment:

Em said...

Ugh, man, naps are soooo underrated. I always long for one while I'm driving to work, or writing a paper... pretty much any time when I can't take one. But occasionally I luck out!