November 8, 2007

I should have pulled that hair on my chinney chin-chin!

Oh man I am tired.  It is an effort to do any more typing today!

The good news is that I talked to the apartment manager and she told me to bring by my utility bills June - present and she'd work something out with me. Luckily the same repair man was out to fix my A/C again today and said he'd tell the manager what he told Casey about how my A/C was rigged up to keep running. I just don't know how to figure out what it would have been. I mean, I didn't use my A/C for half of the time I was billed for! I think I'll see what she offers and figure out what the average cost up until that point was. If it is less than she says I'll use it as my counter offer. The same repair man regrettably informed me that he thinks I may have the only original outside unit left in the building. That would make it about 40 years old. No wonder they're out trying to fix it every three weeks.

I'd offer you all a photo tour of my place, but I am still not 100% happy with it. Don't get me wrong, I am comfy. Most nights it is all I can do to keep from curling up somewhere (Madge! I have a comfy chair by a window! Just like I wanted - just like in A Chair for My Mother!) and staying put until bedtime. Or making that my bed for the night. Maybe during the Thanksgiving weekend I'll have time to finish settling in. And maybe steam clean my carpets - they didn't do a great job before I moved in. Right now my whole place sort of smells like stale laundry. I don't particularly like that. I should never have disturbed the dirty clothes.

So all of this home stuff partially stems from looking for shelving and accessories at IKEA. I went tonight with my friend Stephany just because. I don't have any money to spend, but I was "planning." I planned about $30,000.00 worth. And with only 600 sq. ft! If you count the house I would have to buy to fit all $30,000.00 worth, you should probably change that to $200,000.00 worth of planning. 

In case you were worried, I found the Doogie Howser theme, and Casey makes me quit typing long enough to hit the "play" link again every time the song ends. It makes the words flow like water out of a leaky faucet, it does. Just the help I needed. Try it yourself!

Anyone in the area own a carpet steamer? Feel like having a sewing party? We'll stop sewing when we've consumed enough alcohol to keep our seams from being straight. Oh, we will consume alcohol. I promise not to put any alcohol into the steamer if you'll let me borrow it.

I don't know why I titled this what I did, it just came to me. Damn you Doogie! You and your crazy muse-ish music!


Sam said...

Corley, I'm coming to town the 20th and staying till the 25th. PLEASE save me from the torture of being in the room with Ryan's mother. Margaritas? Pie making? Poke me with hot needles? ANYTHING.


Lauren said...

I believe I could get a steam cleaner. Kyle's parents have one or two. I don't know if I could get it before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Anonymous said...

You want to have a sewing party and drink. I want to make a bedspread, and drink. I believe that this is called "synergy" in the business world. Tell me when.