August 28, 2007

If your ever in Austin eating at Zen skip the 7 Pepper Ahi unless you have a whole bottle of soy sauce. The idea sounds good, but as far as I can tell it's just blackening seasons on pan seared Ahi with NO SALT. That makes for some pretty plain tuna that tastes a lot like the black crust you scrape off of a grill until you add the soy...


And here I had saved it for last s a treat. 
(Insert sigh number two.)


Lauren said...

I try to skip Zen all together. Every time I go in there it smells rotten with fish stink.

If I don't have to smell the inside of the restaurant the food isn't bad. That initial stink makes me loose my appetite.

Lauren said...

I have tagged you to do this middle name thing. Your middle name isn't very long so you are obligated.

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