August 20, 2007

Everything is Broken

[X] sink


[ ] swim

That's right, the universe isn't done crapping on me yet.

I can not get my horse leased, though three times now we have gotten to the contract stage when people have ducked out - He is a great mount! I don't understand!

It isn't new, but I'm paying $200 a month for a while on a car repair and it sucks!

Emma has an abscessed tooth, and I am going to have to have it pulled. In the end it'll add up to about $400.

The Internet I was using has quit working. I have several things on my laptop waiting to be posted that I have written since it went out.

I know I have been very very bad about posting. Tonight when I came to pick up Emma (my dad was dog sitting while I went to visit my sister) dad rather sternly said, "Now look - neither you nor Casey are writing in your blogs anymore and I don't like it!" I marched myself straight up stairs and plunked down in front of this computer - but I paid some bills first.

I'll be back soon. I have stories to tell, and soon there will be something up at the other blog. I'm working on curtains. I'll then be waiting for 500 sq ft home improvement tips.

I am going off now to wallow in my melancorley.

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Lauren said...

Bummer!!!! Today is my last day of working day and night on all houses. Monday and Tuesday I am free. I'll call you tomorrow.