July 24, 2007

Too tired to add the links I should. That's what Google is for.

Oh, sweet, sweet Internet. I had to compromise my living room's arrangement and switch my mini organ and computer to get a connection, but my neighbor is letting me mooch off of his wireless for free. Here's a shout out to Dave and Stephanie if they ever stumble across my blog.

Lauren I am sorry that I haven't called you about The Fountain. I was in Fort Worth and work is so insane right now that I don't even start to think of lunch until 3pm. Anyone with Accounts Payable experience want to work in Austin? You'll have a cubicle right next to me! Right now I am Accounts Payable/Receivable/Assistant to the Office Manager/Exhausted.

Last night I had a dream about my favorite professor from UTD. We were in a crowd about six feet apart, and I kept yelling, "Adrian!" to try and get his attention, but he didn't notice me and kept walking though I yelled until I couldn't see him anymore.

I am now reading The Decameron, by Boccaccio. It is so raunchy!
I love The History Detectives and Simon Shama's Power of Art.

And for some Prufrock before bed:
As walked from Parlin Hall to the Library after my last undergrad final I took a deep breath and realized two things - 1) I HAD FINISHED! 2) I had no umbrella and I was walking through torrential downpour. Once I dropped off my books I stood for a minute under the awning trying to decide what to do. I finally decided to roll the ends of my work pants, "trouser cut" even, and put my shoes into my bag to walk to my car barefoot in the rain. I immediately thought of the poem, and realized that it was the most appropriate ending to my time at UT, as well as a sort of inside joke for English majors.


Em said...

Hooray, you're back! We internet folk missed you.

Lauren said...

Call me before I leave on Thursday so I can get your new address.