June 2, 2007

Dear friends,
left in the informational dust - let me update you!
I am officially off of the phones and into the office full time starting at 12:00pm today. I am so thrilled!
I got the keys to my new apartment last night. Casey found contact paper in one of the drawers that looks as if it may have been carefully laid down in 1973. There is also a Magnolia tree directly outside my front door. Since I am on the second level, blossoms are just an arm's length away. Emma is a little unsure still, but she has only been inside of it for about 25 minutes, and I hadn't yet brought in anything that she would recognize.
Casey and I were very social this week. We saw our friends, The Vermicious Canids, on Wednesday at Woody's, and last night we met up with the guys at The Hole in the Wall to see some of their friends perform. Fun! Fun!
Go and read about how Casey and I cleaned/re-arranged his entire apartment in one night.
My plants are out of control! I hope to post pictures soon - I need some help identifying one.
I love games. I recently acquired Scrabble, Boggle, and Yahtzee. Let the fun begin (if I can talk anyone into it - does alcohol add incentive?)!
I got a food processor for graduation. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO COOKING ON MY VERY TINY STOVE.
Now that it isn't raining it is kind of humid. 83% or so? Wow!

12:00 pm isn't getting here quickly enough!

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Madge said...

How was the office???

Hooray, hooray, hooray for your new joint. I should probably get your address. And you have a magnolia tree! Gasp. I love those.

I love Scrabble and Yahtzee so, so much. Oh, to live in Austin and have a game night with alcohol, playing word games and dice rolling games.