May 17, 2007

I have a confession to make -

I have a problem.
A bad habit, but not the substance kind.
It's just that I can't help it.
I am a picker.
I am a compulsive picker, and my skin is beginning to show it.
Many of the people close to me know about this: Lauren, Casey, Ellie, my dad.
If only I'd stop breaking out! I know what you're thinking, "Well if you'd stop picking, you'd stop breaking out. Q, you're just spreading bacteria!"
1) I've tried that (to the best of my ability) before. It didn't work.
2) I pick the cleanest way I can: clean hands, clean face, pick, clean hands and face again. Since I often pick subconsciously it doesn't ALWAYS work out that way, but, fuck, picking cleanly is my methadone, okay?

So, anyone have any ideas on how I could stop? It really is getting sort of... out of control.

Like right now? While editing? I realized I was picking.


Madge said...

Well, you might want to exfoliate. Then you might have less to pick. For a cheap remedy that works well - put some baking soda in your face wash and it will help give you an extra scrub and a smooth surface.

Corley said...

I do exfoliate regularly. I am thinking that I may need to use something actually designed for faces. I am also considering investing in more pillow cases so that I can switch them out more regularly.

Em said...

This happens to me every time I try to stop cracking my knuckles. By the time I realize what I'm doing, I'm on finger #9.