April 21, 2007

Here is the sequel:

Gabcast! I hate this #10


Madge said...

Did I ever tell you that I read the Canterbury Tales in high school? No, I probably didn't. The only, only, only thing I can remember is that we read the word "fart" or "burp" or something and were so shocked that Middle English (or whatever English or just plain English) contained that vocab word. The whole class laughed and laughed. Was the word shit? Were we reading a translation? For the love of Chaucer there is no way I can remember now.

Corley said...

It was post likely in the Miller's tale. Nicholas hangs his ass out of a window to try and trick Absalon into kissing it and farts in Absalon's face. In return Absalon burns Nicholas' back parts with a red hot poker.

They are intertaining, just labor intensive.