April 12, 2007

For Madge:

Sara T and Bill Abernathy

This is a picture of my little sister and her boyfriend Bill. He's a great guy - he likes the same nerdy shows Casey and I do on Discovery, TLC, and the History Channel; and he thinks my sculpture is cool. He also gets along with both my dad and step-dad. My only problem is this: How many 20 year old Bills do you know? Why not Will or William?

---Moving on---

Madge saw this at a fair a couple of months ago, and when I looked at this photo of Sara and Bill I immediately thought of it.

Same buckle?

Could be!


Madge said...

That is definitely the same buckle. Oh I like that Bill.

Sara T said...

Wild Bill's belt buckle doesn't have color.

Did I tell you the embarrasing story about his mom and the belt buckle?
It went a little something like this...

I said, "Wow, that is some belt buckle, Bill Abernathy!"
Bill's mom said, "Why are you looking down there anyways Sara!"
"Well it's pretty big and hard to miss!" I replied.
"Wait, we are talking about the belt buckle, right?" said Bill's mom.

Then I threw up in my mouth a little after hearing her say that.