April 21, 2007

Count Down:

All I have left:

1) 12 page paper and final for Chaucer class. I am much less afraid of the test this time - at least I am if it is like the last one. I know this stuff. I just hope I can organize it into 12 pages.

2) Capstone project for Individual Learning Skills. Not too bad - Will take some time but it is basically how the elements we have learned about are present in my life with graphs.
+ one comprehensive test.

3) Approx. 6 page paper discussing Winesburg, Ohio and Sherwood Anderson. Okay.

4) Some extra credit stuff if I can. Including an event at Intellectual Property on Wednesday.*

5) Finish May 7th = 18 days.

*Shakespeare Now! - SeriesApril 25th, 5-6pm - IP Level 2
Presented by Eric Mallin & Douglas Bruster - Department of English, University of Texas at Austin
The Shakespeare Now! Series offers a different approach to theever-changing meaning of Shakespeare's work. Taking apart vitalaspects of various plays, the series recaptures the excitement, audacity,and surprise of Shakespeare. The first two releases in the series arefrom University of Texas's own Professors of English, Eric Mallin andDouglas Bruster.
Godless Shakespeare presents an account of the absence of God andbelief in Shakespeare's plays. Following Dante's three-part structurefor the Divine Comedy, the first part represents expressions of religionsfaith, the second sets out more skeptical positions, and the last presentsarticulations of godlessness.
Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy is quoted more often than anyother passage in Shakespeare. In "To Be or Not To Be," Bruster readsthis famous speech closely to reveal the questions and problems itraises.
Join us on Wednesday April 25th. Refreshments will be served.

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