March 18, 2007

Longest 'Missed Connection' Ever?

Not wanting my inner-store wanderings to match yours (lest you notice my uninvited stares), I threw a box of sprouts into my red basket and headed off in a random direction. Trying to forget you, I threw some of the most random and strange things into my basket: tortillas (they always go stale before I use them), floss (I already have three or four), chickpeas (but no tahini—how the hell am I gonna make hummus without tahini?), a bottle of wine (which I actually considered inviting you over to help me with … but NO. NO. You are a stranger. And I am a stranger to you. That would be even weirder than telling you how beautiful you are).


Read it before it gets flagged!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

What a weirdo! Who would read that and then call?