February 21, 2007

Thinking of the Great Blog Re-Design

Casey came up with this last night:

We had been talking about a design based on the other illustration he did of me:

Click to see full size.

I don't have an example of the header he finished on the blue (I know that it did not include much of my bust), but think in terms of colors and the type of digital art - photo or illustration? I think that they are both awesome, and wish I had some good admirer art to give back.

So which do you prefer? Do you have any constructive criticism or words of wisdom?


Lauren said...

I'm partial to the bubbles.

Anonymous said...

I think the blue one looks awesome. I also think that you don't want to be too entirely knowable on the internets and that having the digital version of you, rather than the photo-version of you, is more private. I mean it's not like some stalker is going to pace the walkways of UT with your picture in hand, waiting, or anything, but... you know.

Madge said...

This is all I know: I love the first example. I am very partial to it.

Emily said...

I actually really like them both. Kudos, Casey.h

Anonymous said...

This has no place on your blog but I know you'll read it so-- I need your address so I can send you and Casey an invite to our May wedding party!

PLUS I will be waiting outside Wagner (the side facing the tower) at 9:20 tomorrow, just in case!

corley said...

Funny, I left E a message earlier telling her just about the same thing, only I specified a different building on that same side of WAG.

Sucks that you guys tied on images.
Someone else needs to weigh in please!

Spinning Girl said...

Wow, what a tough choice! My first impulse said #1 though, although I am not sure why.