February 2, 2007

How I React

Pan's Labyrinth Makes Me Sad

This all started here, at Spinning Girl's place. It then followed me home with, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I just have to ask. Why did you feel empty inside when you watched Pan's Labyrinth?? "

I want to say, "Because!" but then I would just go on being bothered by the fact that someone(s) thinks that I am a complete idiot when it comes to understanding a storyline. Don't read this the wrong way; I loved this film and will buy it when it is available on DVD. Not everyone reacts to a film the same way. My little sister watches Garden State to cheer up, it used to make me nearly suicidal to watch it.

The main reason for my discomfort with Pan's Labyrinth was the violence. I understand the film and I understood that there would be violence (I have skipped more than a few movies that include this sort of realistic violence because I just can't handle it. I just REALLY wanted to see this one.), but I wasn't quite ready for it when it first hit in the scene with the rabbits. So from that point on I was in a sort of tormented state - bordering on anxiety attack. When a film is subtitled you cannot exactly cover your eyes to miss that stuff, either. After all of that I would have left the theater in a slightly more positive mood had the movie ended in those goldish-tones. It was so emotionally taxing for me to get through those scenes that I literally felt empty.

Hey, I also cry when people mess up my orders at restaurants. As a server I know it's ridiculous, and not something that they meant to do; I still instinctively react a certain way, and once I start crying it only leads to embarrassment and more crying because of that.

I just painted a really unappealing version of myself, didn't it?


Spinning Girl said...

I think this post is lovely.

Madge said...

You're APPealing.

DaMasta said...

OH ok, I didn't know you meant the violence is what left you empty inside. Yeah, I had to cover my eyes a few times myself, but the overall message and fantasy made it all worthwhile. I appreciated the foreign take on a fairy tale and also appreciated the realistic violence of the background story. The artist way they made the stories overlap was what really impressed me. Well, I enjoyed it, and I hope you see why I did. :)