January 18, 2007

Austin Apocalypse

The folks at the news stations were referring to it as "The Ice Storm of '07." Their titles always suck. The Daily Texan called it "Icepocalypse." I thought that was a nice touch.

Near by business
Icicles and snow!

Talking, Drinking
We decided to walk to the Dobie Theater to see if it was open (it wasn't). We cut through campus to get there (avoiding drag rats). Here is Mr. A taking a break to make a phone call and enjoy his hot chocolate.

Hook 'em
School spirit.

WWI Memorial - other side
This is my most favorite fountain/statue on campus. I believe it is a WWI memorial. The back says, "In memory of sons and daughters lost in the world war." I am assuming it predates WWII.

still not focusing right
This is not the photo that I had hoped it would be, but it gives you an idea of the amount of ice that we had.

More ice.

Austinites panicking in 2 inches of icy slush!

free ride
Maybe the happiest snowman ever! He was on the roof of a truck at the grocery store. He looks so content. He makes my heart hurt with his little spread arms - like I should pick him up and spin in circles with him.

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Lauren said...

I liked The Weather Channel verion:


Madge said...

Wonderful pictures! I like the campus ice tour...

Emily said...

I can only imagine the havoc the frozen substances have wreaked on central Texas. You guys just can't be prepared for that! Here it's... "Oh, it snowed? *yawn*"

corley said...

Lauren - The Weather Channel doesn't know what's up - The Big Chill was '98.

Madge - The closer I get to the end the more I love campus. Expect more photos. Especially if I can get my camera to focus where I'd like.

Emily - You're a Natural Born Texan. You know exactly what went down here. Monday was the least severe day and there were 66 wrecks on IH-35 that morning!

The snow was beautiful! Until it turned into sleet.