June 21, 2008

Ted's Birthday Shirt

Front of Shirt
This is the front of the shirt.
Back of Shirt
This will be the back of the shirt.

This is the shirt Casey Designed for my Dad's Birthday. I tucked it into the blog way back in June 2006 to hide it from Dad in a place that other people could view it. It was the one thing I managed to make a surprise.
The party was a huge success, and has left me very tired. Lunch with a good friend and a three hour nap helped that.
Emma stayed with Dad last week so that he could get his Emma fix, and she managed to find some bunnies. Pflugerville now has a few less bunnies. Dad's girlfriend has a 5 year old who was witness to the event, but she thinks that they were mice. They were very baby bunnies, and make a lot of noise, so she bought it. She'd never like Emma again if she knew that they were bunnies.
Now I have a list of less than fun things I could do this afternoon, and I'm trying to decide if I'll actually do any of them.


Em said...

What a rad daughter you are to throw your pops a party! AND make him a custom T-shirt! Lucky dad.

Sam said...

Corley, this is SO cute! Casey is really talented.