February 3, 2006

This is just an assumption, not the facts.

I got home to a house littered with dog-chewed trash. Someone forgot to close the pantry door, it happens.

There were three empty yogurt containers, a chewed up zip-lock baggie, some foil among other things. I was thinking man, who ate so much yogurt yesterday?

Could it be that Sara cleaned out the fridge? She threw away all of the yogurt that has gone bad, the baggie of bacon that was left behind and then ate that last slice of foil wrapped pizza I was SO looking forward to at 3 am when I got home?

If so then my dog ate a whole bunch of just turning/really bad food.

I don't know, honestly. She looks fine, and she's acting fine. She hasn't been sick. I guess I just have to wait and see if she throws up to find out.

So, Sara, help me out. Did you eat all of the yogurt, or throw it all out?


Madge said...

My dog has a place in his heart for tacky, delicious yogurt. It could have been him...

Emily said...

You're lucky your dog just likes kitchen trash. My dog, on the other hand, looooooves snotty tissues and all manner of other disgusting things one might find in the bathroom trash can. He also has a taste for dirty underwear.

Sara T. said...

i didn't eat all the yogurt.
but i did eat the pizza.
thank you for introducing me to my new favorite pizza the night before.
maybe we should get a trash can with a lid, that would be marvolous.
bye schnookems.