January 25, 2006

Time for an Update

Sorry I haven't kept up lately. I've been a super Narc the past couple of days. So much so that Monday I honestly thought that I might fall asleep standing up for the first time. I was working and I would go back into the kitchen and jump up and down and shake my head back and forth to let my hair hit my face, like I used to do when I was a kid, and I still couldn't dislodge my brain from the heavy, heavy cloud it was in. I managed to finish the book I had been reading that night, but fell asleep immediately after doing so. Again with lights, clothes, music, and computer left on. What do you get from narcolepsy? Discomfort and a high electricity bill.

This morning, after sleeping like that again, I stripped out of my work clothes to wash them before I have to wear them again at 10 am (The cute delivery guy is coming today, have to look good..). Imagine my shock and amazement to find that I as wearing, inadvertently, a coordinated bra and pantie set. I like lounging around in as little as possible ( I'm always wearing something, we have lots of windows), though few friends would know that because I am quite modest around other people, but I never look good while I do it. What a great morning! I think that it is quite a good sign.

Now, about Sara. Saturday I went to Dallas for some horse transport. I went up to the restaurant, which I miss so badly, and the owners bought me a drink, and then one of the managers bought me a meal. Afterwards I went to my friend Kelly's house to stay the night. Kelly and I were talking on her couch when my phone rang. Sara was on the other end and she was distraught. She'd had a really bad day, her headache was at a ten and her anxiety in conjunction with the morphine provided my little sister with her first bad trip. She said that my mom had offered her a bunch of good things to think about, but that she couldn't remember any of them, and all that she could think about were people blowing them selves up, and other horrible scenarios. I walked her through a Thanksgiving evening at my first apartment where we decorated my tree and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, and had lots of fun in general. At the end she said that she felt better, but he didn't fall asleep for a very long time.
The episode caused her doctor to remove the morphine and cut out caffeine completely, and the next day her headache dissipated. Monday she was lucky enough to com e home and she's been taking it easy since - getting used to regular light and sound before she returns from school. Things are getting better. If you see a comment from "Sara T" it is her. She should have her own blog up soon. Yay! Thanks for all of the support and concern. Sara and I both needed it.

That's about it. I have to run 'cause I've got laundry to do, ponies to feed, and a puppy to snuggle with before work. I am hopefully getting a hair cut today after work. If it turns out looking good I'll try and find a camera to post pictures with. If it does not, you won't see a photo of me for a while.


Emily said...

Ohhh, I hope it looks like that summer when I didn't see you at all except for the last day before school started and you showed up at Samantha's neighborhood pool with this adorable blunt bob. It looked phenomenal on you.

corley said...

Well Em, it does not look phenomenal. I'd wanted to go for some long, side angled bangs. Some long enough to curl just a little so that they'd look really soft and feminine. Instead I wound up with some that are too short, and very choppy and stupid stupid stupid looking. So in about a month I'll have the bangs I had wanted.