January 29, 2006

Meeting People

If you want to send me running in the other direction, talk to me about meeting your parents on our first date.

Remember when I said that I wasn't looking for anything serious? Yeah. I said that. Twice.


corley said...

I may have ruined things with Mr. Ambitious by mentioning this event to him.

He is not the guy who brought up parents.

Madge said...

When boys talk about meeting their parents on first dates, there really is nothing to do but run like the wind. And when you catch your breath, it is important to sell these boys out and mention them to all kinds of people, even Mr. Ambitious-kinds-of-people.


corley said...

My new problem is that I am a really nice person in real life. None of that banana-bread-induced-fury fly off of the handle stuff.

So how do I lose him with out being totally mean?

Madge said...

In real life, I am nice, too. One time, I had to first-date someone that took off his shoes and socks and said to me,

"I think I have nice feet. I think I could model them."

Help! I got the courage to tell him after we were through eating that I didn't think it would work out, but I can't remember if I was nice about it or not. Sometimes, you just have to draw the line.