August 31, 2005

Do you know how good The Odyssey can be when you listen to it on CD? Because of the incredible amount of reading slated for this semester, and the similarly incredible amount of time I spend in my car, I thought it would be a good way to start off - and I was right! For the first time in... 4 years? I am actually still on top of everything 2 weeks into school. Sad isn't it? However it has made me extremely confident and I was happy last night when I sat to think about what I should be doing and realized that there was NOTHING and I had time to read a horsey book instead of a statistics book or a linguistics book. Now if only the same thing would happen with bills. Anyone know where on the SBC webpage I can find a link to cancel services? I really really really don't want to speak with them on the phone again. This blog may be the downfall of my productivity. I have 52 minutes left on this library computer, and a response paper to type.

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