December 10, 2004

"Tel Aviv is Safe..." "Uh, Safe-er!"

It is damn early in the morning. My Dad is on his way to see an old friend in South Carolina. I have a going away sushi dinner on Saunday that I invited him to to be nice, even though he can't stand fish cooked, because I would like for him to be there. I love my Dad and we are extremely close. He's supposed to return from his trip Monday. "What time is your dinner on Sunday?" he asks me. I am barely coherent. He pops his head in my room every morning to say good-bye, especially if he is traveling. I am going to miss it. "Six-thirty, why?" "I'm coming back early," he says it almost like a sigh. I am awake now. He has been looking forward to this trip for months. He told me at least six times last week that he is going to see Ken this week. Honestly, I have never seen anyone so excited about South Carolina. " I want to spend some time with Two-Shoes (This is my sister's nickname, no one even knows why - it just is.), I'm going to Israel at the end of next week." "Oohhhhh," half admitting I understand why he would want to see her, half realizing how grave this is. I have known this is a posibility since August, I just hadn't really known it. Decoding my groan he says, "It's only a two-day business meeting - Tel Aviv is safe." "Uh, Safe-er!" We left it there. I told him that I love him, and asked him to call me at six to wake me up.
My father doesn't listen to NPR. He doesn't realilze that the only reason I even know which country Televiv is in is due to the fact that it is NOT safe. Apparently he is supposed to be flown in and out quickly with no down time to get into trouble. Apparently the people who signed the contract specified that he be part of the project or they would pull out. So my father is a Video Lottery Super-star. I am still worried.

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