October 16, 2004

Famous Last Words

"I need to tell the Front Desk manager that I won't be able to do this next week before I get myself into trouble." - Eleven to Seven 10/11/04
Well, it didn't take long. Between the 57 hours and my computer on the fritz this has been the most unsuccessful week in my scholastic career. I missed a paper deadline, in fact I didn't even know it had actually been assigned until after the deadline. I also missed an online quiz because I slept passed the 3pm deadline. Not to mention I slept through Thursday's classes. Wow I am a loser. At least now I can take time on my late paper, he said the last one seemed "hastily written." I think that all but one of my papers were hastily written, and that one took days. It is not perfect, but maybe my best paper ever written. I wanted to post it then, maybe I will now. I could get some writing tips from all out there (please only nice gentle constructive criticisms). I feel like a failure as an English major who can't write.

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